Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whirling Thoughts...

Hello Blogger,

Did anyone else watch Biggest Loser Tuesday? It is amazing how those people lost soooo much weight, soooo fast. Not only that, but all they've overcome and gained in such a short time. I am inspired. There seems to be something really special about those competing this season. With that said, I know that they have basically given up their lives to dedicated hours upon hours to the show, but it makes me want to do so much more with my personal journey. I feel like I'm at a standstill. Since I've been counting calories, I'm usually under my calories everyday. But this past week, I have gone over calories everyday except one. The funny thing is, I'm not binging or eating desserts and such...unless cereal counts ;-) I just can't seem to keep it under wraps. Granted, I did have a few special occasions last week that including eating away from know how that can go, especially when the main dish is pasta. I kept my portions under control, but that doesn't matter much when small portions have so many calories. I know I'm rambling...but I feel like a failure when I'm not strictly sticking to the plan I set before me. Ergo, my need to do MORE.
The need to do more isn't necessarily a bad thing. I want to do more physical activity and outdoor exercise. But that's not always possible with the baby and the weather. hmmm...I'm going to stop talking about this. Instead I'm going to figure out a plan of action, and set a goal to accomplish accordingly. I'll get back to you on that one...
On another note, I orchestrated a weight loss competition. It was for twelve weeks with a $25 entry fee for the prize pot to the biggest loser of their body percentage. The final weigh-in for that will be this Saturday. Ask me how I've done? For the competition I've lost 5lbs! lol. The unfortunate part for me is that I'm losing definite inches, but not many pounds...let me rephrase that. The unfortunate part for me "for the competition" get the point. Woo hoo for losing inches and consistently working out 5/6 times per week and staying away from dessert!!! I must celebrate the positive things!!!
On a more serious/inspiration note, I've been reading a lot of blogs regarding the topic of binge eating for suppressing unwanted feelings/thoughts. Rather, eating for the pleasure or because of depression and stress. I think it's important to parrot the many thoughts regarding it. FOOD DOES NOT FULFILL/RESOLVE THE THINGS WRONG OR HURTFUL IN YOU LIFE.  I think it's important for those of you dealing with overeating, or unhealthy eating to ask yourself are you really hungry or what else you may be feeling? What are you trying to suppress or satisfy with [insert food(s) here]. Once you realize what the real issue is, deal with that and stop filling it with food. Because food will fail every time...

Grace and Peace,


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