Monday, June 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition

Such an inspiring show!!! So inspiring in fact that I'm cutting this post short to go exercise at 11:30pm. For such a time as this, the 100 workout.
Grace and Peace. See ya in the morning.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Get it in!!!!!

Hello Blogger Friends,

Again I say, I am still alive. Check out my new running shoes!!! Ok, I've had them for about 5 weeks now. My Dad bought them for me during his visit for the little guys first birthday!!! Woo Hoo. I normally don't like reeboks...I'm sad to admit my vanity, but they just never looked pleasing enough. But these!!!! These shoes feel soooooooo comfortable! I was initially looking for cross-trainers, but I have decided to take up jogging/running. Therefore, I got running shoes. The little doohickeys on the bottoms of the shoe make it feel like a massage on the balls of my feet. *sigh* Although these shoes are marketed from running, they feel good doing cross-training exercises as well. They are so much better than my 10+ year old New Balance sneaks.

So enough with the may have noticed my absence the last month or so. There were a few things that got in the way, but the main one was that I felt I was becoming OBSESSED with food/exercise/weight loss. And not in a good way. I almost felt like I was going to go crazy or develop some sort of eating disorder or something. So, I took a break from the strictness of it all. I stopped counting calories. I stopped doing such a hardcore exercise regimen. I stopped abstaining from desserts. And guess what? I gained 7lbs.!!!! Go figure! But it's ok, I feel like I have my sanity back, and now I am back and ready to take on the task of fitness/health/weight loss again. Now I am trying to find a healthy balance between exercise/food for life. I have gone back to abstaining from dessert with a once/week moderate indulgence. I did P90X Legs & Back today, and I plan to continue on with P90X until it gets mundane. Then I'll switch it up with a nice run or outdoor training. We have been having beautiful weather here in the SF Bay Area. So that's where I've been, that's where I am. I currently weigh 169.0lbs. I'm still shooting to reach my fitness/weight goals for 2011. I'm kind of pooped from my late night workout, so I'm going to cut this post short. I'm glad to be back, and I hope this post finds you all well. Until next time. Grace and Peace.


P.S. I'm thinking of posting my daily exercise/food for the day just to keep it interesting. We shall see....