Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tested out the Jogging Stroller Yesterday!!!

Hello Blogger,

Me and the little guy went out yesterday to the bike shop to get air pumped into the jogger stroller my Dad bought me. They ship them out partially inflated, so I was able to stroll it on over without riding rims! lol. Anywho, there are so many bike shops in San Francisco, not surprised! I found one .5 miles from my house. Much better than having to purchase a bike pump. The guy pumped the tires for free! I walked there, but I jogged the half mile back to test it. It was smooth strolling. Plus, the motion put the little guy right to sleep. I think this is the start of a good relationship ;-)

Anywho, remember my post a couple of days ago? I shared how the scale went up 2lbs, so I was back up to 170. Well, here we are two days later and I'm 167. 6! lol. 2.4 pounds lost baby! Goes to show you that the scale really shouldn't be your only means of recording your progress. The scale cannot take into account retained water because of too much salt intake. It can't account for that "time of the month" issue. It cannot account for constipation...going too far? Hahaha, hey "It Happens"! I'm not sure what caused my weight fluctuation, but all I'm trying to say is, don't be a slave to the scale! It can cause you to give up all hope or motivation! Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying don't use the scale. The scale is a great indicator of if you're on the right track to reaching your goals. But it isn't the end all be all to your progress.... Just food for thought. I must admit that seeing the numbers go down does feel good. But realizing you can fit into an old pair of too tight pants, or your clothes are fitting too loosely, now that's even better!

Well, today is Plyometrics in P90X. "The mother of all P90X workouts" as Tony would say. I'm looking forward to burning all those calories, because guess what!? It means I get to eat more!!! Talk about positive reinforcement! The more I exercise, the more I get to eat! Hecks yeah! Ready to bring it!

The sun is shining out here in San Francisco and if the same is true for where you live, go out and get physical today with a nice walk, jog, or something!! And instead of the high fat, high sugar, high junk snack or whatever, go for something clean! Little changes can make BIG differences! Until next time.

Grace and Peace,


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