Monday, April 11, 2011

Fighting Food Temptations and Discouragement

Hello Blogger,

Today is Monday. The day many people dread because it's the start of the work/school week for many. For me, it's a new week to see if I've lost any weight. The scale has gone up two pounds :-( I try not to let the numbers on the scale rule my life because they are not always the best indicator of fat lost or gained. I've been eating right, staying under my alloted calories. I've even been working out everyday and taking walks as well. (this is P90X week 2 by the way! My joints have been acting right!) But the scale is going up instead of down. I feel stronger, and I'm totally Bringing It in my workouts. Darn you scale!! How do I fight the discouragement that tries to settle in because of the fluctuating scale? I pay attention to the way my clothes fit, and I take measurements of inches lost or gained on my body! It's way more reliable than the scale alone. And when you know you've been giving your all, but the scale doesn't agree, the tape measure won't lie! So, I'm not giving up because I'm gaining muscle and trimming the fat. That's what matters. I tell you what though, seeing the two pound increase just makes me want to workout harder!!

Anywho, I'm still striving to make healthier eating choices...still counting calories. I've given up desserts/candy until I reach my weight loss goals, which is either 125-135lbs or size 6 jeans. Man oh man I have been facing temptation. It seems like everywhere I turn someone is offering a cupcake or candy...ahhhhhhh!!!! I had some graham crackers in the cabinet that I broke out for a youth fellowship my husband and I had at the house. And I was so tempted to take one, even a quarter of Since when did graham crackers become so appealing!? While I've been facing these temptations, the victory is mine because I did not cave! But when will the day come when such things don't even phase me anymore? I guess my body is still addicted to sugar, and I'm just going through withdrawls. That's the life of a wanna be ex-sugar addict.

So when things come along to discourage you, how do you keep the motivation. Do you give in and quit? Or, do you take it for what it is and keep on moving? Also, what are your temptations or struggles?

Grace and Peace,


P.S. My Jogging stroller came Saturday!!! I need to pump the tires, so tomorrow the little guy and I are taking a trip to the bike shop to fill those suckers up! I think I'm ready for a jog!!! 


  1. You go girl! I pray God gives you the desire of your heart. You're doing good, enjoying your blog.


  3. Thank you SABRINAdianne and Stephanie!!!