Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Post!!!

Wow, my first blog post. Where do I start? In your journey to lose weight, did you ever have a really great workout and think to yourself, "I want to be an athlete!?" I have...well after the first few weeks of consistent workouts. For years I've been winded going up a long flight of stairs, or anything with a slight incline for that matter. I don't want to huff and puff my way through life anymore. I want to be able to perform with the best of them with great stamina, endurance, and strength! I want to be that really fit chick that goes on hikes and mountain bikes; the one that enters into marathons, triathlons even. The beauty of it is...I can have that. I plan to have that. All I have to do is stick to the plan, and keep the motivation.
So what is the plan you ask? Simple, exercise at least five days per week and eat "mostly" clean. Around January 18th 2011, after having a long talk with my mother about the diseases that run in our family, I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle. I don't want to be next in line for that inheritance. It began with my eating habits. I have the hugest sweet tooth ever, and I bake pretty darn well (a lethal combination)! But gone are the days of baking cookies to sell or give away, where I would eat about 4 cookies per dozen ordered. Gone are the days of eating half a gallon of rocky road within a few hours. I had to limit my sweet tooth; it no longer has a hold over me...most days anyway ;-) I've adopted healthier eating habits. Not only for the duration of my 2011 weight loss goal, but for life. That means more lean protein, more fruits and veggies, more whole grains, and less sugar, processed foods, and bad fats. I do still indulge in sweets here and there, but I exercise much self-control, and limit how often. (More about my daily diet to come.) Since I've been eating more clean, I feel so much better! Before, I was nauseous and lethargic all of the time. I would just sit around the house, with barely enough energy to entertain my, now, nine month old son. That has definitely changed. I can definitely FEEL the advantages to putting nutritious foods into my body.

Even beyond the diet change, approximately two weeks after I changed my eating habits, I started doing Billy Blanks Amped Tae-Bo workouts.  

I'd done that workout before, but man, o man was it tough to get back into the swing of things after living such a sedentary lifestyle. While tough, I gave it my all. So much so that I decided after two weeks of Tae-Bo, that it wasn't enough! How do ya like that? lol. So what did I do? I got bold and committed to doing P90X!

Yes, the killer workouts that most of us have seen the infomercials for! It's an intense workout program that is completed in 90 days. There is a different workout six days per week, with the seventh day reserved either for rest or stretching. It has a great balance between cardio and resistance/strength training to build muscle and kick up the metabolism. There are three different schedules to choose from; classic, lean or doubles. I'm not going to take time to describe each one, unless you're interested and request more info. Just know that I chose the Classic routine. And guess what? I love it! Yes it kicked my butt. Yes there were work-outs I barely huffed my way through. But six weeks later, here I am, still going at it, and noting remarkable results! I can do more reps of each exercise, and I have more stamina and strength for the workouts and my day. Not to mention all the muscle I've gained! I have been documenting my results with pictures, but unfortunately I never intended to share them with anyone besides my husband and a few close family members. So, for my level of modesty, I deem them inappropriate for Internet share. However, due to recent back and joint strains (I still have more weight to lose) I switched to the Lean schedule which has more cardio to maximize fat burning to shed weight quicker. That means all new pictures and stats for a new 90 day journey! This time I'll document it to share! I am so excited to begin this journey with you.

Now I know I've rambled on about P90X (can you tell that I'm a huge fan?), but I've said all that to say that these are the steps that I am taking to become a better, and fitter me in 2011 and on. I'm going to get the most out of these workouts (I plan on doing more than one round) by fueling my body with wholesome and nutritious food, and telling myself that I CAN do it! I won't give up, because I have a health goal to reach. To lose 45lbs moving from obese, to overweight, to normal on the BMI chart. To lower my risk for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, and arthritis. To treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. To be "That Really Fit Chick."

Until next time.

Grace and Peace,


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